Communist methods in Poland

From my two comments folowing the article Nato should de-escalate conflict with Russia and focus on inequality, says Jeremy Corbyn, by Tony Diver.

Lech Borkowski 2 Dec 2019 7:50AM

First you have to understand the situation and that implies understanding the post-WWII developments. Western leaders Churchill and Roosevelt signed the Yalta pact with Stalin. It was no better later on.

The West is completely and absolutely clueless as to what has happened and what is happening in Eastern Europe. Communist party members were welcomed as democrats post-1990. One of those sits in the office of the German Chancellor. I don’t think you would like to give any significant function to a Nazi, former or not. So why different and privileged treatment of the Communist totalitarians?

My wife and I were both expelled from our state jobs in Poland in 2015, school of music and university, respectively, for political reasons, for standing up for truth, law, common sense, and human dignity. In case of my wife a fake psychologist statement was fabricated to provide the excuse for her dismissal. The best pianist and piano teacher in Zielona Góra in western Poland has been fired by a typical Communist method. Same as in the Soviet Union. I was the only professor of Physics with a western PhD at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. See here Poland is run by the Communists who only pretend to be democrats.

The ‘transition to democracy’ and rule of law in 1989 was a fake one. Now Communist countries of Eastern Europe can control and subvert NATO as its members from the inside. NATO? Clueless, clueless, clueless.


Lech Borkowski 2 Dec 2019 8:04AM

[… ] I have just told you totalitarian methods have been and are in continued use in Poland. […]  You didn’t even ask for more information. The tv news you get or newspaper articles don’t tell you the ugly stuff. The campaign against us has been going for decades. Decades. Not one government. Many governments.

[…] I am afraid you don’t what to understand. All this juggling of labels of who is right wing or left wing in Eastern Europe is nonsense. The policy on the ground is the same totalitarian policy no matter what label is attached to the government in Poland.