Weekend in the hotbed of the Communist narrative

My comment on Andrew Eames’ article in The Sunday Times Travel section: How to spend a weekend in Gdansk, Poland: a 48-hour itinerary

The first bombs of the war fell on Wieluń, small town in another part of Poland. Danzig/Gdańsk was made the centerpiece of the start of WWII by the Communists. They aimed at magnifying anger and hatred towards Germany (and West Germany by default). They presented the Polish history as an endless struggle against Germanic expansionism. The simultaneous aggression and occupation by the Soviet Union in WWII was presented as Soviet Union’s self-defence.

The Solidarity Trade Union is a product of this Communist narrative. Wałęsa is a Communist stooge. Just think about it: the guy had several children, conducted both ‘clandestine’ and open activities for years and years, the authorities knew about it and the brutal regime did not know how to eliminate him. The truth is the Communists fabricated this fake opposition themselves. Just like in the 1920s Soviet Union. Operation Trust.

The European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk is simply a propaganda enterprise to hammer in the fake story.

In recent years, the Museum of WWII was located in Gdańsk. This is an obvious move to support and continue the Communist narrative. The proper place for the Museum of WWII is Warsaw of course.